Start a Chat with any Girl on KIK Messenger

Get her phone number.

Kik contacts: Try to get it from her yourself; it may be a little inconvenient to get the text from someone if you do not have any idea about how they got it.

  • An easy way to note a funny video or a photo and say, “I’ll text you a link/image. Wait, I do not have my phone number! Did I get it from you?” Be relaxed and do important work, and more likely to feel comfortable, to give it to you.
  • If you need help to get her phone number, see How to get a girl’s phone number.
  • If this does not give you their phone number, do not try to get it from somewhere or someone else. It is simply to respect its limitations. Can wait to ask him again, until you know the person a little better.

Say hello – but not just to say hi.

A simple “hello” is hard to answer, and can come off as lazy or bored. Ask a question or even ask her how she did it.

  • Questions are great because there is an expected response to maintain the conversation girls kik username. If you ask him, the English homework, she can respond with the answer, and you can ask one question for clarification, keeping the conversation moving in opposite … if you just say “Hey,” and she has no idea how to respond.
  • Open-ended questions tend to be better than the simple question “yes or no,” because there is more than you can say. For example, “Do you like comedy?” Get answers probably one word, while “What kinds of movies do you like?” To get, probably, longer and more accurate answer and will help to further the conversation,

Say something timely and relevant.

If you are trying to break the ice for the first time, it is important that he does not feel like your text out of the blue for no reason or motivation behind it. Talk about something that you share both common and affects both.

  • For example, if a school activity that night, you might ask: “Are you going to the game/games/ dance tonight?” You might even ask if she wants to come to you (or you and a group of friends if you feel a bit shy about jumping in on that first date).
  • You can also make small talk about what kind of experience you have, as they say, “It was so crazy, run to Starbucks today or:” Can you believe, as Mr. Smith yelled at students in English class today? “

Talk about your interests.

If you know that she loves a particular band, TV show or movie, ask him! Ask her what she thinks about the last episode, or if he has a song recommendations for this group. This will show him that you take enough interest to take care about their opinions and to remember his likes and dislikes.

  • These topics are particularly great because people are passionate about their favorite bands or shows. They love to talk about them, watch them and learn more about them. It can be fascinating to meet someone who shares the same interest find girls on kik.
  • If you do not agree with something, do not panic! A little playful discussion on “What is the best Beatles song” can help you both to know and to be fun and enjoyable. Do not insult or say something to the media in the process.

Using emoticons!

Emoticons can be fun and flirty, but enough that it will not get too fat or forward innocent. Just throw in a smiling face, and she noticed 😉

  • If you are not sure how to use a smiling face, start typing at the end of the text, such as “Have you seen the new episode of” New Girl “? It was excellent :)”
  • In general, Winky faces are more suggestive and used with flirty texts and double meanings. Do not use Winky face, where you usually see the smile on your face, because it may seem out of place or even at a loss.
  • Be careful not to overdo it with smiles, as this can lead to confusion and frustration.


Now that your conversation started on the right foot make sure it goes as well!

  • Learn how to send text messages to all users, if you need more ideas.
  • When you are ready, you can go to the next level with the help of text messages to arrange a meeting in person to live, or a date, a casual meeting or group meeting find new friends on kik. Texting is fun, but to talk in person, how to take the relationship to the next level.


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